Mini Reptile and Amphibian Stickers

Mini Reptile and Amphibian Stickers



These MINI stickers are perfect for those looking to personalize smaller objects such as phones, smaller reusable bottles, wireless headphone cases, ect! 


In order from top to bottom (referencing phone photo): 


Crested Gecko: 1.4" x 1"


Hognose Snake: 1.15" x 1"


Leopard Gecko: 1.12" x 1" 


Poison Dart Frog: 1.03" x 1" 


White's Tree Frog: 1.45" x 1"


Made with weatherproof, premium vinyl that is super durable and can be used anywhere. Be careful! The adhesive is made to be permanent so decide exactly where you want the sticker before placing it.